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Discover Venice: the Arsenal

The Arsenal is one of the oldest places in Venice. It is the ancient shipyard of the city. Here were built all the ships of the fleet of the Serenissima. Venice, in fact, was the most powerful “Repubblica Marinara“. 

At the end of the 16th century about 16,000 workers, called Arsenalotti, worked in the shipyards of the Arsenal. It was a real industry. The magnificent entrance portal was built in 1460. The project is attributed to Antonio Gambello.

To the right of the portal there is a statue representing the bust of Dante Alighieri, a tribute to the poet’s visit to Venice in 1321. Today the Arsenal of Venice is guarded by the Marina Militare Italiana

The Arsenal often hosts the contemporary art exhibitions of the Venice Biennale. If you want to visit it we recommend booking. We love this place, and you?

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Photo credit: Pixabay