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Legends of Venice: the merchant in love

Knowing a city well also means knowing its legends, traditions and secrets. Today we tell you one of the most romantic legends linked to Palazzo Mastelli, one of the historical buildings in the Sestiere di Cannareggio area of Venice: the legend of the merchant in love.

This romantic story is linked to a bas-relief located in Palazzo Mastelli, known as the Casa del Cammello or “caxa del camélo”. On the front of the building there is a bas-relief depicting a camel and a man on it. Legend says that a rich merchant carved that bas-relief . Do you want to know why? For love. He was very much in love with a woman but she had not accepted his proposal of marriage.

He left that image engraved to make his beloved know where he had stopped, saying: “So I am leaving with a broken heart and I will try to forget you, but if one day you will finally want to join me in Venice, it will be enough to ask you where the camel’s house is”. Unfortunately, the woman never arrived. 

The legend of the merchant in love is a very beautiful love story that has as its setting the magnificent Venice, a city that hides so many beauties and secrets. But what everyone appreciates about Venice is its typical cuisine. Come and discover it in our restaurant.

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