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Legends of Venice: the merchant in love

Knowing a city well also means knowing its legends, traditions and secrets. Today we tell you one of the most romantic legends linked to Palazzo Mastelli, one of the historical buildings in the Sestiere di Cannareggio area of Venice: the legend of the merchant in love. This romantic story is linked to a bas-relief located […]

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Discover Venice: the Arsenal

The Arsenal is one of the oldest places in Venice. It is the ancient shipyard of the city. Here were built all the ships of the fleet of the Serenissima. Venice, in fact, was the most powerful “Repubblica Marinara“.  At the end of the 16th century about 16,000 workers, called Arsenalotti, worked in the shipyards […]

Girare Venezia: Libreria Acqua Alta

Getting Around Venice: Libreria Acqua Alta

If the usual tourist tours are not for you but you want to discover all the secrets of a city, you can visit one of the most special places in the city of Venice. We are talking about the Libreria Acqua Alta which is located at the water level of the Venetian canals, in fact, […]

Getting Around Venice: the Murano Glass Museum

Getting Around Venice: the Murano Glass Museum

If you’re visiting Venice and you love the art of glass, then you absolutely should stop by the Murano Glass Museum. The Murano Glass Museum is based in the historical Palazzo dei Vescovi di Torcello, an ancient buildind with typical flamboyant Gothic shapes. Throughout history, the ancient diocese had different functions: in 1861 the central […]

Visit the Foundation Giorgio Cini

Visit the Foundation Giorgio Cini

The Giorgio Cini Foundation is a place of culture and beauty, a peaceful oasis gathered on the small island of San Giorgio Maggiore. The Giorgio Cini Foundation is a private organism, founded by Vittorio Cini in 1951 to commemorate his son Giorgio Cini, who died tragically in an airplane incident.  The non-lucrative organisation aims to […]

accademia bridge

Getting Around Venice: the Accademia Bridge

Located in the south of the city, the Accademia Bridge is one of the four crossings of the Grand Canal. During the Austrian period, the only passage from one bank to the other was the famous Rialto Bridge; so it was decided to build two more, one near the railway (later called Ponte degli Scalzi) […]

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Getting Around Venice: Clock Tower

The Torre dei Mori, more commonly called the Clock Tower, is located in Piazza San Marco and with its magnificent arch, opens its doors to the ancient Merceria, the city’s commercial street. The tower was built at the end of 1490 but still remains one of the cornerstones of the city. Its imposing clock is […]

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The iron of the gondola

The Venice gondola is famous throughout the world, but not everyone knows the symbolic value of its iron, positioned at the front of the boat. The iron of the gondola, also called “comb”, is located exactly in the bow and is rich in decorations and meanings. It has a “S” shape that recalls the progress […]


Getting Around Venice: Calle del Paradiso

The Calle del Paradiso is one is one of the most known street in the Venice city. It has got historic buildings in Byzantine and Gothic style, along the calle, from which one can see the traditional barbicans, architectural structures in stone or wood, used to increase the housing size of the houses, without reducing […]