tattoo storie sulla pelle

The exhibition Tattoo. Storie sulla pelle

We suggest that you go to the exhibit Tattoo. Storie sulla pelle (Tattoo. Histories on skin) at the Museum M9 in Mestre, which is only 10 minutes by train from Venice.

The exhibition Tattoo. Storie sulla pelle is the result of a deep work of study and research in the history of the tattoo from the very beginning until today: it goes from the images of tattoos found on mummies to the photos of the works of contemporary tattooists and artists.

The purpose of the exhibition is to show how the age-old practice of tattooing has gained many different meanings: it was a brand used to identify the defeated ones, the slaves and the bandits and then it became a sign to identify those who had magic powers; it became a travellers’ practice, but only in the 19th century it lost its negative connotation, becoming a rebellious symbol between young people and at the end a mass and artistic phenomena.

To those who are in love with ink, it’s the exhibit that you’re looking for. You have time until November.

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