venezia inverno ristorante Falciani

Winter in Venice

Although calendars tell us that winter is starting from the 21st December, low temperatures and bad weather are jumping the gun.

Winter in Venice is a magical season, thanks to the fog rolls through canals and provokes that unique charm: don’t be surprised to see many photography enthusiasts who, with cameras and tripods, walk around the calli looking for the perfect shot. But there aren’t only fog and bad weather, winter means also Christmas: colorful lights and scents will cheer your stay in December. You will be able to find markets, rinks and stands selling gifts and sweets.
Also, if you are lucky, it could snow on the lagoon: don’t worry, the picture you see above gets back to the 60s! But snowy Venice is something to be seen.

For a delicious lunch (or dinner) at Falciani restaurant don’t forget to book in advance, calling the number: +39 0415224872


Pic by Stasticflickr