Art Exhibition: Painting of light. Burano and its Painters

Art Exhibit: Painting of light. Burano and its Painters

For art lovers, at the Lace Museum in Burano, until January 8th 2020 will be present the exhibition Painting of Light. Burano and its Painters

It all began in the early 1900s, when some artists decided to move to the Venetian island, soon turning it into the main venue for a modern and alternative art, which contrasted with the thoughts of the Biennials of the time.
Gino Rossi, Arturo Martini, Ugo Valeri, Pio Semegini, are just some of the authors of the admirable works within the exhibition, which exhibits the collections of the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of  Ca ’Pesaro.

Painting of Light paints the scenery of an ancient Burano, a sort of idyllic and uncontaminated place. A reality far from the present, which has been a source of inspiration for the artists of the time, with pastel-colored houses, narrow alleys and fairy-tale bridges. Landscape glimpses highlight the love that artists nurtured for Burano, whose nature is made even more grandiose thanks to the fading brushstrokes, which create beams of light in the works of the artists.
Every visitor will thus be able to perceive an unconditional love for the lagoon island and will find himself totally immersed in this little paradise, a comfortable and fascinating refuge.  Painting of Light. Burano and its Painters is an unmissable opportunity to learn about and learn about local art and learn about the island as it once was. 

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