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Heat Show: art and nature at the Archives of Mercy

For those who have not yet managed to go, they will have until November 24 to visit the exhibition Heat – create the environment you are willing to live in – inaugurated on May 12th at the Archives of Mercy in Venice, that is not only a symbol of history and culture, but also a place often subject to climatic weather change.

The exhibition is presented by Art & Communication, a non-profit association whose aim is the protection and promotion of art and which, this year, has decided to dedicate itself, during the 58th Venice Biennale, to raising awareness in environmental protection, specifically, as the name suggests, in global warming. Through this interesting project, art can become not only an instrument of dialogue and aggregation, but also a very powerful means of communication, which affirms not only the danger to which our planet is going, but the risk that we face up to if nobody will act by improving the current situation. With “Heart” we want to spread greater awareness of the issue, suggesting an empowerment of citizens aimed at protecting the Earth.

Each of us can and must create an environment in which he would like to live. Six international artists will participate by presenting “bipersonal” every two months. Art thus places itself at the center of a sensitive and extremely important theme, creating a dialogue with visitors who will be urged to profound reflection. The project is curated by Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia and Maria Abramenko with cultural advisor Ekaterina Luki.

After the exhibition, visit us at Falciani restaurant: you will find different proposals between appetizers, first and second courses, desserts and much more!


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