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Getting Around Venice: Clock Tower

The Torre dei Mori, more commonly called the Clock Tower, is located in Piazza San Marco and with its magnificent arch, opens its doors to the ancient Merceria, the city’s commercial street. The tower was built at the end of 1490 but still remains one of the cornerstones of the city.

Its imposing clock is one of the most famous in the world, visible from the sea, it has immediately become a symbol and landmark of the ancient maritime republic. Its gold and blue dial houses not only the hours and days but also the moon phases and images of the zodiac. At the top of the tower you can see the figures of the Moors, two dark bronze statues that mark the hours by beating two hammers on the bell between them. The “Young” plays the hour two minutes later than the real one so as to represent the time of the future, while the “Old” (with a beard), beats the hammer two minutes before to reflect the past time.

An important figure is that of the trainer who, for years, lived in the clock tower so that he could always be ready to change errors or repair gears; with the advent of technology its presence was no longer necessary.

Today the tower can be visited only by reservation.



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