accademia bridge

Getting Around Venice: the Accademia Bridge

Located in the south of the city, the Accademia Bridge is one of the four crossings of the Grand Canal.

During the Austrian period, the only passage from one bank to the other was the famous Rialto Bridge; so it was decided to build two more, one near the railway (later called Ponte degli Scalzi) and one that would connect the area where the Church of San Vidal and that of the former Church of Santa Maria della Carità (where today they are present the Academy Galleries).

Neville‘s project involved the construction of the wooden bridge and this made it necessary for several renovations to be made over time. Over the years, iron metal elements were added to improve the structural solidity.

In 2009, the municipality of Venice decided to redesign the bridge, leaving the supporting structure in metal but modifying the wooden one.

The new project was recently completed: the inauguration was celebrated at the end of August last year and recalled that Venice is not only a historical and cultural center but is rich in urban innovations, a symbol of an ever-increasing desire for renewal and redevelopment of the city, without obviously canceling the signs of its past.

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