ravioli di magro falciani

From our menu: Ravioli di magro alla piemontese

The ravioli are a typical dish of Italian cuisine. They are fresh egg pasta stuffed with meat or vegetables.

The recipes change from region to region. Even the name often changes: agnolotto or agnellotto (smaller) in Piemonte, anolino in Piacenza and Parma, marubino in Cremona, tortello in Emilia and Lombardy, pansoti or pansotti in Liguria, tordello or turdelo in north-western Tuscany.

In our menu you can find the Ravioli di magro alla piemontese, inspired by an ancient regional recipe, stuffed with cheese and spinach and seasoned with mushrooms, bacon and cream. If you’re looking forward to tasting them, we’re waiting for you!

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