Venice in a festive mood: the Christmas markets

Venice in a festive mood: the Christmas markets

Venice is ready to celebrate Christmas! The city is full of typical Christmas markets that warm the atmosphere. The largest market in Venice is the MCV XmasMARKET. It is located in Palazzo Zenobio, a splendid building in the city centre, now the seat of the Armenian College. Lots of lights and market stalls await you. […]

tagliolini alla falciani

New flavours: the tagliolini alla “Falciani”

Falciani tagliolini  Want to try new flavors? The delicious tagliolini alla “Falciani” can be for you! A new recipe created by the Chef of the Falciani restaurant, able to combine innovation, creativity and tradition in a single dish.  On the palate, the taste is firm and well balanced, a perfect combination of flavors from the […]


The origins of the spaghetti alla busara

The traditional cuisine of Venice consists of simple and tasty recipes like Spaghetti alla busara. The busara comes from Trieste and Istria and it blends with the culinary tradition of Venice after the second postwar period, becoming one of the most distinctive dish of the lagoon cooking. The meaning of the term “busara” has many […]