tagliolini alla falciani

New flavours: the tagliolini alla “Falciani”

Falciani tagliolini  Want to try new flavors? The delicious tagliolini alla “Falciani” can be for you! A new recipe created by the Chef of the Falciani restaurant, able to combine innovation, creativity and tradition in a single dish.  On the palate, the taste is firm and well balanced, a perfect combination of flavors from the […]

tattoo storie sulla pelle

The exhibition Tattoo. Storie sulla pelle

We suggest that you go to the exhibit Tattoo. Storie sulla pelle (Tattoo. Histories on skin) at the Museum M9 in Mestre, which is only 10 minutes by train from Venice. The exhibition Tattoo. Storie sulla pelle is the result of a deep work of study and research in the history of the tattoo from […]

heat show venice falciani restaurant

Heat Show: art and nature at the Archives of Mercy

For those who have not yet managed to go, they will have until November 24 to visit the exhibition Heat – create the environment you are willing to live in – inaugurated on May 12th at the Archives of Mercy in Venice, that is not only a symbol of history and culture, but also a […]

venetian cuttlefish - ristorante falciani venice

Venetian cuttlefish with polenta

Typical dish of the city, Venetian cuttlefish with polenta is a delicacy that you can’t miss during your stay in Venice. The preparation of the dish is homemade and the long cooking of the cuttlefish allows to give the ingredient softness and flavor; the aromas of fresh onion, garlic and white wine, used as a […]


Pineapple, a panacea not only for the palate!

Among the most savory fruits of the summer, the pineapple was tasted by Christopher Columbus in the island of Guadalupe in 1493, offered by local people with the name of “Nanà”, not only “delicious” for the palate, but also rich in properties. In fact, pineapple is recognized as one of the healthiest fruits of this […]


At the Gallerie dell’Accademia: Leonardo da Vinci

There are few days left to visit the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci. L’uomo modello del mondo at the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice. The exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci celebrates the past five hundred years from the death of the great and multifaceted Italian artist. Through 70 works, including 35 authentic ones and the graphics […]


Raw Ham and Melon against the summer heat!

Do you lose your appetite in the summer? The perfect dish for you is Raw Ham and Melon! Raw Ham and Melon is the perfect gastronomic duo and the summer dish par excellence. It is a easy and rapid recipe to prepare, but at the same time it is fresh and tasty. The combination of […]


The exhibit of the doge Francesco Morosini, L’ultima crociata

For those who are keen on history and for those who are just curious by nature, the exhibit L’ultima crociata. Francesco Morosini nella storiografia della Serenissima is exactly what you’re looking for! The exhibition L’ultima crociata celebrates the 400 years from the birth date of the 108th doge of Venice, Francesco Morosini Il Pelopennesiaco, also […]


It’s ice cream season: great for health!

It’s getting hotter and the ice cream season is starting! The ice cream is a dessert, but with the right amount it can be great for your health. The ice cream is a nutritious sweet rich in calcium and vitamin B and it has a low glycemic index. It provides energy and it also activates […]